Notes: Apple, Rose, Orris, Leather, Tonka, Styrax, Resins, Tobacco

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  1. Nicole Davis (verified owner)

    The fragrances give me a feeling of richness, confidence, comfort, and overall exhilarating affects! What a piece of art.

  2. Denis Rivera

    Fantastic niche quality fragrance, a burst Sweet Apple and Rose stand out in the beginning, with the other notes providing a base allowing V2 to permeate wonderfully. Most notably present to me being Leather, Tonka, and Tobacco. This is definitely a date night/colder weather fragrance.

  3. Ryan Schoenherr

    This opens up thick and sweet with the apple, tonka, resins, and a subtle rose. The main players off the top are the apple and the tonka, both of which remained present through the life of the fragrance on my skin. The rose wasn’t prominent for me but detectable, very pleasant and very unisex. As it starts to dry down the apple mellows out and buttery (not powdery) orris and the leather come in. It wears as a very sexy, very delicious fragrance that could be well suited for anyone. I wouldn’t quite call it gourmand, but it may lead to your significant other wanting to lick you anyways.
    This is a very potent, thick, and heavy fragrance, best worn on cool nights and cooler weather. Perfectly unisex, easily pulled off by anyone, but may not be well suited for people who prefer either overly masculine or floral heavy feminine perfumes. This easily lasts 12+ hours on my skin and was a very pleasant, if not delicious, wearing experience.

  4. Tammy Ludwigs (verified owner)

    This scent starts out with a beautiful apple note not the fresh green apple but the juicy red apple mixed with a hint of rose. Leather and a spicy tobacco leaf comes out to play next. Tyriek does an amazing job with his leather accord. It is a beautiful leather without the animatic/barnyard smell or the rubber tire smell…just beautiful leather like your new car with leather seats or your favorite leather jacket. The tobacco is not the smokey kind, it is fresh from the tin pipe tobacco, rich spicy with a hint of sweetness. This is another winner from this house, great longevity and totally unisex!

  5. Evan Hall

    This & Opcityv2 are my favorite

    This opens up with some nice Apple with a mild rose

    followed by this sweet Leather 10/10 for me (:

    was getting 8-10 hours great pick up. Would I buy from this house again? Yes. Yes I would.

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