Here you will find a sample of my version a quite iconic accord. The original accord usually contains the 4 ingredients in about equal proportions (allegedly) however, this is perfumery and as a perfumer we experiment.  This trial contains the following ingredients. (Please note that each ingredient is used neat (at 100% strength):

  • Iso E Super® (IFF) – 30%
  • Hedione® (Firmenich) – 40%
  • Galaxolide® (IFF) – 13%
  • Methyl Ionone Gamma (IFF) – 17%

The overall trial is then diluted to 30% strength in perfumers alcohol.

What you will notice with this accord is likely a airy, powdery, floral (iris-ish) and an interesting floral-sweetness with a slight velvety smoothness from the Iso E Super.  Each one of the ingredients used in this accord last quite long, so I would expect this to last quite a while on skin, and it will likely perform/behave differently on skin than on a blotter.


Please note, this is not something I consider to be a ‘full fragrance’  – it’s quite linear and possibly even layerable if you’re looking for more a pronounced iris note.

Weight 1 oz

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  1. Natashia Scarlett

    This blog post struck a chord with me on a emotional level. It’s like you read my mind!

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Grojsman Accord