dotJS (.js) was one of the first releases ever from Anaxus Perfumes. That being said, it’s gone through quite a few iterations, with the present official release being “V3”. Allow your senses to experience a fragrance unlike any other — a sweet buttery, bready bakery note which includes a touch of caramel and the most gentle drizzle of honey , clove, tobacco, orris & chocolate and eventually vanilla, dry sandalwood and an interestingly light leather accord.

Weight .1 oz

15ML, 2ML, 30ML

3 reviews for dot js

  1. Denis Rivera

    Gourmand lovers rejoice this syrupy and sweet fragrance smells like a coffee cake topped with brown sugar. Fantastic in colder weather or personally speaking as an at-home scent. Rich and decadent. .JS stands out!

  2. Tammy Ludwigs (verified owner)

    This has to be my Favorite from a house I have many favorites! From opening to dry down, this is a sweet warm cozy fragrance. The opening is like siping a smooth rich latte and eating freshly baked naturally sweet brown bread in front of a fireplace while sitting on a supple leather chair. The heart brings more leather and a spicy woody-ness. The base brings in a smooth like silk sandalwood that is simply beautiful. The Longevity for me is 8-10 hours but I still catch the occasional whiff at hour 14. The Projection and Sillage are strong and long lasting. Definitely unisex in my opinion. It would be hard to keep my distance from a man that smelled like this, but I am a woman, and I love this for myself! I am so happy that I have a 30ml coming!

  3. Stacie

    I hugged my mom and she said I smelled like a cookie. I personally LOVE to smell edible, be it fruity or sweet. It smells like banana nut bread on me. This fragrance makes me smile and sniff myself more than it should. I can’t explain it but it makes me happy. It’s a very warm, cozy fragrance. Great for snuggling & being close. It has a very comforting aroma. Reminds me of being a kid, mom baking sweets the night before a holiday, sitting on the couch in a “big kid” onesie watching cartoons while the aroma from the stove swirls through the house. There’s a chill in the air so you grab a blanket & the heat comes on. You fall asleep & wake up to your mom kissing your forehead. The scent is not juvenile, but nostalgic. I love this scent more than I expected to. It is an extrait so the scent lasts for hours. If I spray it at bedtime I still smell it when I wake up. This is a great fragrance to mix with others or wear alone. Unisex.

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